InQuiry Printing Agent is an application for custom printing that eliminates the dependency on Internet Explorer and IE9 document mode. Users can preview and print transcriptions, cover letters, envelopes, and faxes from Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.
If a user does not have the Printing Agent installed, they will receive the following dialogue when attempting to print from InQuiry for the first time:
To download and install the agent, click the InQuiry Printing Agent link. Admin rights are not required.
Click on the downloaded file to install the Printing Agent.
When the install finishes, close the Printing Transcription dialog window in InQuiry and initiate the preview or print command again to be prompted to login to the Printing Agent.
Logging Into the Printing Agent
To preview and print from the Printing Agent, users must log into the app using their InQuiry credentials. They will remain logged in until they log out of InQuiry.
For customers preferring an MSI file for IT Administrators, one is available on the DeliverHealth Software site. Refer to the User Guide for more information.