How do I use Cumulative Printing in Inquiry?


Cumulative Printing combines all selected documents into one print job, effectively conserving paper.  All selected documents will print one right after the other, without page breaks between reports. The printed pages can be cut into individual notes for placement in the patient’s file.  

Cumulative printing can be achieved by completing the following steps:

1.  Log into Inquiry
2.  Click on the appropriate folder under your Workflow Summary or complete a search via Search All

  • Narrow your results in either location to only the reports you would like to print
3.  In the Total Jobs Window, under the Action Column, click the first Icon User-added image, "View Transcription"
4.  Once loaded, locate and click the Cumulative Icon User-added image to load a Cumulative View of all Transcriptions
5.  Once loaded, locate and click the Print Icon User-added image to initiate printing.
6.  Complete printing by choosing the appropriate printer and options as you normally would