How To Create A .DOC Or .PDF Of An Existing Print Template

The following tutorial explains how to create a .DOC or .PDF of an existing print template. This can be useful if the client requests a print template sample and the original request is missing, or for making a sample from which you can submit a print template update request. This page contains different methods you can use to achieve this goal, after you have prepared a sample TID.

Preparing a Sample TID

  1. Log in to InQuiry.
  2. Search for a patient name of "Welcome". You will often find that these are sample TIDs using the name "Welcome to eS-One" (exact name may vary based on MTSO) with no real patient data. (These may have been invalidated) If you have another test TID in their system, you may search for it instead. You may also submit a request to the Print Templates Department to ask us to create a sample TID for you.  How To Submit A Print Template Request     

  3. Open a sample TID, and click Edit to change the details of the TID to what you need.

    Make sure the following are consistent with your needs:
    1. Document Type
    2. User
    3. Location
    4. Additional Signatures
    5. Associate/CC information
    6. Dictation Date or Appointment Date (for Print Templates that may change based on date)
    7. Any other relevant demographic fields
  4. Save & Close the TID.

  5. Preview the print template to make sure this is the print template you wanted to see. You must be in a Print Preview, or you may miss parts of your print template.

  6. If this is the print template you need, close out of the Print Preview. Then click Info.

  7. Copy or write down the Transcription ID from the top. You will need it for one of the following sequences below.

  8. (Optional) Take this time to move the TID to the Preliminary folder, if it will not cause disruptions to the client's workflow or export setup. The Download Button sequence (described in the next section) will require that the TID be in the Preliminary folder.  After changing status, click save & close.

Use one of the following steps to produce your sample:
  1. InQuiry Download
  2. ShadowLink Test Document 

1.  InQuiry Download Button

The easiest way to obtain a sample TID is to Download it from the Preliminary folder. The sample TID must be in the Preliminary folder for this to work.

  • Your User must have the appropriate Download privileges on the User Record. Go to Users > (Your User Record) > Edit (Your User Record) > Access Rights and check the relevant Download Functionality.


Use one of the following to Download the Sample TID.

Workflow Folder Download

  1. Open the Preliminary Workflow Folder. (Exact name may vary. It is where the clinician can Complete TIDs from)

  2. Check the box for the sample TID. Click the Download Selected Transcriptions button on the right side. Use the arrow next to the button to change formats if needed.

  3. When the dialog pops up to download the TID, Open or Save the file to your computer. Then open the saved file to see your sample. (it may be nested within another .Zip folder) You now have a file sample of the TID, with the print template.

InQuiry TID Download

  1. Open the sample TID in InQuiry.
  2. If the TID is in the Preliminary folder and the User has download access, at the top there should be a Download button. Use this to Download the file. Use the arrow next to the button to change formats if needed.

  3. When the dialog pops up to download the TID, Open or Save the file to your computer. Then open the saved file to see your sample with the print template.


2.  ShadowLink Test Document

This method requires ShadowLink maintenance access.

  1. Go to Client Maintenance > Advanced Maintenance > ShadowLink > Transcription Formats.

  2. Click Add New Format

  3. Set Configure Transcription Format > Format Type > DOC or PDF

  4. Go to Testing > Transcription ID. Enter the TID of the sample TID and click TEST.

  5. You will get the usual dialogue to download a sample of the TID in Word. This will be the file you need.

  • Do NOT save your changes on the Transcription Formats screen.

Submit a Ticket

If you encounter any difficulty while creating your .DOC or .PDF file, you may submit a ticket to the Print Templates department to assist you with this process: How To Submit A Print Template Request