How To Check If Your Dictations Uploaded Successfully

This article explains how a eScription One Mobile user can confirm that their audio dictations have been successfully transmitted for transcription.

To check the status of your dictations, please log into eScription One Mobile and navigate to the date of dictation in the Patients section.

Dictation Status Indicators


Microphone With Cloud Icon

If your dictation shows the "microphone with cloud" icon, this indicates that your dictation has been uploaded successfully, but the audio is not locally available on the device you are using. This could be caused by two possibilities:

1. The dictation was uploaded from a different device from the one you are logged into. If you have multiple devices with eScription One Mobile, or have other clinic or staff members who have access to your patient schedule, it is likely that the dictation was done on a different device.

2. The dictation was recorded from the device you are logged into, but is over two weeks old and has been removed from the device. Please refer to this article for information on how long audio dictations are stored in the Deliver Health system (accessible through the InQuiry platform):

Patient Record And Audio File Retention Times


Microphone (With No Cloud) Icon

This icon indicates that there is audio recorded and locally saved on the device, but no upload has been initiated. To send the dictation, simply tap on the patient name and go through the normal upload process. To delete the dictation, tap on the Delete Dictation icon in the recording screen, which is to the left of the upload button.

Please note that any recorded but un-sent audio will stay on the device indefinitely until it is uploaded or deleted.


Checkmark Icon With Progress Bar

This icon indicates that an upload for the recorded dictation was initiated, but is not yet complete. With a stable cellular or wireless connection, you should see the progress bar under the patient name quickly move and disappear, ultimately showing just the checkmark with no progress bar. If you exit eScription One Mobile, lose your cellular or wireless connection, or power off the device before all dictation uploads are complete, this can cause the audio to become "stuck" on the device. After you initiate an upload, please be sure to wait until it is complete.


Checkmark Icon (No Progress Bar)

This icon indicates that the upload was successful and the audio is still available locally on the device.

No Dictation Status Showing

If you do not see any of the above icons next to the dictation, this indicates that no audio has been recorded for the appointment yet.