Restore A Previous Version Of A Transcribed Document

"TEXT-ALIGN: justify" align"justify">In order to restore a document to a prior version, the user must first be granted permission to the "Restore/Administrative View" using the InCommand application and editing the user's profile.

"TEXT-ALIGN: justify" align"justify">Once access has been granted, the user can locate the document that needs to be restored, and while viewing using the Document Viewer, select the "Info" button. The info screen displays a considerable amount of summary information and an activity trail that details who viewed, edited, etc. the document, and at what time.


"TEXT-ALIGN: justify" align"justify">Also on the Info page is a history of previous versions. Select the previous version you want to restore by clicking on the icon under the "action" column.


"TEXT-ALIGN: justify" align"justify">This will allow the user to view the previous version of the transcribed document. If you are confident the previous version is the one you wish to restore, click the restore button and confirm your choice. This will replace the newest version of the document with the previous version you have selected as the active and viewable version of the document.

Note: If you do not see Prior versions as an option, you might not have access to this functionaility.