Re-Pool A Job With InCommand

Sometimes it is necessary to remove one or more jobs from on transcription Pool and move them to another.  This process is called "Re-Pooling" and is done on the Outstanding Jobs page of InCommand.

Pool masks are displayed to provide a quick reference.

Clicking on the pool masks will open a pop-up window with detailed pool information.  This includes the Pool Category, the User Pool, and the Document Pool.  If the work is outsourced to another Company those companies will be named.  Lastly a list of the Transcriptionists for your company who can check out the TID is listed on the left.

To Re-pool more than one transcription, select the check boxes on the left side.  Then select the "Pools" button to the right.

Then, make sure the correct Pool Category is selected in the drop-down.  Choose one or more User Pools and one or more Document Pools.

Lastly, select the button to "Update."

Re-Pooling, or changing the Pool of one single transcription can also be done with the Info Screen.  Click on any TID in Outstanding Jobs to open the Info Screen.  Again choose one or more User and Document Type Pools, then click save.