Deliver Health Running On A Mac

Deliver Health supports only Windows based operating systems at present. Although there are no definitive plans to support the MAC operating systems, Deliver Health has researched the use of a "Windows Emulation" program running on a MAC and its success running Deliver Health.

We are aware that there are several emulation programs on the market for the Macintosh. Deliver Health chose to use VMware Fusion as its emulation software and have found no issues running Deliver Health.



VMware Fusion has a price tag of approximately $79 and can be purchased from Best Buy or on-line. In addition to purchasing VMware Fusion, you will also be required to purchase a Windows operating system (WIndows 7, 10 etc). The total cost of setting your Macintosh up with a Windows operating system will be about $150.

To get started, simply insert the VMware Fusion CD into your Macintosh. The software will install automatically. Deliver Health suggests taking all defaults (recommended settings) when prompted.

Once installed, run VMware fusion and the following screen will be displayed. From here, you can press the "New" button to create a new Windows system on your Macintosh. You will now need the Windows operating system you plan to load available. The "New" button will guide the user through an introduction and installation of the new Windows Operating System. Please follow the instructions carefully.



You will be prompted on the 2nd screen (shown below) to select an operating system. Please select the specific Windows operating system you have purchased and press "Continue". On the following screen, you will simply name the installation and press "Continue".

When prompted for the size of the Windows system you are installing, we recommend you take the default size (usually 20 GB) and press "Continue". At this point, you are now prompted for your name, password and Windows Product Key. We recommend again that you take the defaults (Use Easy Install & Make your home folder accessible to the virtual machine). You may enter a password if you like. This step is optional. Follow the directions after pressing continue to fully install your new Windows virtual machine.



Once the installation is complete, you are now ready to start up your virtual machine for the first time. Once Windows is running on your Macintosh, simply install any Deliver Health software that is required. If you need assistance installing Deliver Health software, please contact our Help Desk at 800-858-0080.