Mapping Transcription Copies From One Client To Another

This article is a step-by-step procedure for moving (mapping) typed transcription documents from one client to another. The information will be placed in the Search All or repository folder of the receiving client.

Before you start the mapping procedures, you will need to make sure the two clients have the same general information. Both clients will need the same user(s), document type(s), and location(s) if necessary. Default location for both clients will work. If these setting are not exact, you will need to find out how it should convert over under the destination client.

1. Select the Transcription Company you want to move the dictations from and go to the Maintenance tab. Select the Client.

2. Select the option "Map Transcription Copies for ... ".


3. Under the tab "Map Transcription Copies", Add New Mapping, select the Target Client and Save at the bottom of the screen.

4. Options. Deliver Health charges by the document. One cent for 100 documents or less and a half-cent for 100 or more documents. (Step #14 can give you a total count) Use your email address for notification so you can in turn notify the client.

5. AutoMap. You can use this option if you want the system to automatically choose.

6. Locations. Using the drop downs, select the corresponding locations under Source and Destination. After selecting the common one, click on the green plus sign. The location combination will appear above now. Continue to select all locations that apply and click on the green plus sign each time. One location must be selected even if it is just the default location. You can edit or remove by using the icons at the end.

7. Users. Follow the steps in #7 but choose all applicable users.

8. Document Types. Follow the steps in #7 but choose all applicable document types.

9. Save the mapping.