How to Add AutoText in InScribe

1. By default, if you have not changed the function key actions, pressing F10 will open the AutoText window. You can also open this window from the Transcription -> AutoText menu item, or pressing the Shift+Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut.

2. If you are adding short autotexts that do not require formatting, you can type the short form into the first field at the bottom in Quick Add. The long form goes in the field to the right of the equals sign. Then press the plus button to add it.

Note - If there is already an entry with that shortcut you will get an error.

3. If you need to create an AutoText entry that is longer or requires special formatting press the New button and name the autotext (this will be the "short form" that you type in the editor window that will then expand to the long form when you press the space bar.)
For example, if you want "tp" to expand into "the patient", "tp" would be the short form that you enter now. Then press OK to create the entry.

Note - If there is already an entry with that shortcut you will get an error.

4. You now have an AutoText entry with the short form highlighted on the left. In the text field on the right, type what you want the short form to expand into.
In the above example, you would type "the patient" here.

Creating an AutoText entry this way, or editiing an existing one, allows changing the format. If a medication name should always appear in bold typeface, the name of the drug can be made bold in the right window.

5. Then press OK at the bottom of the window to save the new or edited AutoText entry.