InScribe 6 - How To Add British Dictionaries

Please follow the instructions below to add the British Dictionaries to InScribe 6.

1. While logged into InScribe, go to File > Options to open the Options window.

2. In the Options window, click on Spelling, then scroll down to click on Custom Dictionaries.

3. The following window will appear. Please note the Compiled Dictionary list in the image below. This represents the dictionaries that are currently installed. The box to the right are the available dictionaries to install.

4. Select the following dictionaries in the Compiled Dictionaries list and press the "Remove" button to the right of the list: Emdat.clx ssceam2.clx emdat2_aj.clx emdat2_ks.clx emdat2_tz.clx

Note - This should result in no dictionaries showing in the compiled list at this point.

5. Add the following dictionaries (if they are not available please make sure you update your spell checker as in step 1).

  • EmdatBR_aj.clx
  • EmdatBR_ks.clx
  • EmdatBR_tz.clx
  • sscebr2.clx

6. Please also ensure that these options are not checked in the Options Check Boxes: Ignore Capitalized Words Check Word Parts

7. After this is complete. Press OK in the Spelling and Typing Options window.

8. You will be notified that changes will not update until you restart the program. Click OK on this window.

9. Close and Open InScribe to activate the changes you have made.

If words are not captured as incorrect with these options, please follow the information in this Knowledge Base article: InScribe 6 Misspelled Words Are Not Corrected By Spellchecker

If words are still being missed by the spell check OR if words are being treated as incorrect when you have verified they are correct: Please submit a ticket to us using this link: or call 1-800-858-0080


Be sure to include any information needed to reproduce the error including what your current spellcheck settings are set to, the word(s) to investigate, and whether they should be marked as correct or incorrect.