InScribe 6 Change A Report Marked Done

This article with discuss how to make changes to a report after complete is selected, but before uploading to QA or the client.
After a report has been typed and the MT is finished with it, the typist selects complete to send the report on (F7 by default or Ctrl + O).

The process continues with a spellcheck and in some cases a prompt to Mark for QA or Review. To complete the process, Next (F12 by default or Shift + Ctrl+Enter) is selected to upload the report and remove it from the typing pool.

While going through the spellcheck, the typist may view something that needs to be corrected in the report and there is a need to stop the process of sending to QA or to the client. To get the report back in order to make these changes, simply press complete again before pressing Next.

This will release the report so it can be selected and edits made. Redo the process of selecting Complete and then Next to continue to send the report to QA or to the client.