Firmware For The Olympus DS 2400 Recorders

This article details how to update the firmware for Olympus DS-2400 recorder model. Updating the firmware allows users to save audio files in the classic DSS format.

First, download the firmware file that is attached in the link below at the bottom of this article.

Save the folder to your Desktop.

After the zip folder is saved, double-click the folder from the Desktop.

Inside the folder, double-click on the file named "DS-2400_FirmwareUpdateUtil.exe" and click "Extract all" when prompted.


When prompted to select a destination for the extracted files, leave the "Show extracted files when complete" box checked and click on "Extract."


Once the files are extracted, a new folder will display. Double-click on "DS-2400_FirmwareUpdateUtil.exe".

An instructions window for the update will display. Follow the instructions: 1. Connect the USB cable to the recorder. 2. Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the computer.

Once you connect the recorder, the device screen will go from "System Check" to "Busy" to "Remote (Storage)". The display window on the computer will automatically change once the Recorder connection is detected. Make sure that the "New Firmware version" section states 1.02, and click the "Start" button at the bottom right side of the window.


When the update is completed, you will be given a message stating that the firmware has been successfully updated. Click on "Finish" at the bottom right side of the window, and leave the recorder connected to the computer.

Now, back in the folder containing the extracted firmware files, double-click on "DS-2400_FirmwareUpdate_DssClassic.exe".


You will get a new instructions window. The New Firmware Version will state 1.00. Click on Start.

After the update is finished, the window will state that the firmware has been successfully updated to version 1.00. Click on Finish and disconnect your recorder from the computer.

You should now be able to record files from the DS-2400 in standard DSS mode without making any other configuration changes. To verify that this has installed correctly, go to the DS2400 menu, then Device Menu, then System Info. Confirm that the firmware version is 1.02C. Is is now safe to remove the recorder from the computer.