Installing InScribe 6 ShadowScribe Training Files

Installing InScribe 6 ShadowScribe Training Files

This article details the steps needed to install ShadowScribe training files designed for InScribe version 6.

Downloading and Installing the Training Files

1. From your web browser, go to

2. In the InScribe page, click on the link named InScribe 6 ShadowScribe Edit Training Part 2 Unstructured Link as shown below.


3. After clicking on the link, choose Run in the prompt that asks if you want to Run or Save the file.



4. After a few seconds, the training setup window will be displayed. Click on Next.



5. Choose "Install for all users of this machine" in the next prompt and click on Next.



6. In the next step, keep all the default values and click on Next.



7. Now, you will see the Ready to Install screen. Click on the Install button.



8. Now you will see a "Installing Practice Drafts Structured Training" screen.

At this time, you may see an additional Windows prompt asking you to allow the program to make changes.

If you get this prompt, click on Yes or Continue. The installation will resume after you click on the prompt.



9. Finally, you will see the wizard complete the installation. Click on Finish.



Using the Training Files

1, At this point, your ShadowScribe training files have been installed. Start your InScribe (version 6) to access the training files.

2. Log into InScribe using your username and password, and check the box that reads "Login in Training Mode".

If you do not know your username, password, or company code for login, please contact your transcription company manager.



3. InScribe will prompt you to select a Training Program. Select the training you wish to start and click on Next.



4. The training lessons will appear with all lessons pre-selected. Make any needed changes (for example, by de-selecting any lessons

you have already completed) and click on Finish.



5. You will now have the selected training files loaded and available in your InScribe queue.