InScribe 6 Add, Edit, And Remove User Dictionary Words

The article will outline adding, editing, and removing words stored in the User's custom dictionary.

1:  Log into InScribe.

2:  Open the 'File' then 'Options' menu.

3:  Select the 'Spelling' menu section.

4:  Press the 'Custom Dictionaries' button in the 'Dictionaries' section.

5:  Compiled Dictionaries at the top cannot be edited.  InScribe users can add or remove the compiled dictionaries they want to use, but they cannot be edited.  User Dictionaries can also be added or removed, and in addition there is a new button to 'View Words' where entries can be added, edited, or removed.

6:  Most words added by a User are added to the "userdic.tlx.'  Select that item and press the 'View Words' button.