Selecting Audio Cues In InSync

Beginning with version 5.1.27, InSync can be configured to play an Audio Cue when certain events occur when using the built in recording feature under the Record Tab.

The events that can be setup are:

  • At Beginning of Dictation
  • At End of Dictation
  • Fast Forward Pressed
  • Rewind Pressed
  • New Dictation Started
  • Dictation Completed
  • Recording Started
  • Recording Stopped

You can access these settings in one of two ways once logged into InSync:

  1. Go to the Options Tab > Recording Settings

2. Go to the Recording Tab and click the Recording Settings at the bottom.

  1. In either screen, check the box labeled: Use Audio Cues: [_]


  1. InSync has default audio cues available. You can also select your own preferred audio cues using the [...] button next to the action you would like to change.


NOTE: Audio files must be PCM WAV files. If you select a WAV file that is not supported, you will receive the following error message:

The selected wav file has an unsupported format and cannot be used as an audio cue. Please select a different file. Click here for more details.