InScribe 6 Quick Access Toolbar

Use the quick access to bar to make InScribe functions easily accessible with the mouse without having to select a specific Ribbon Menu tab.  This is particularly useful for functions that do not have hot key shortcuts, but that are still used with regularity.

By default, the Quick Access Tool bar is located in the top left corner above the Ribbon Menu and has two buttons assigned to it.  The default buttons are "Save" and "Stop Downloads" which will turn orange when it is activated.

The Quick Access Toolbar can be moved under the Ribbon Menu by right clicking on any icon in the Toolbar and selecting the option to "Show Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon."

Restore the Toolbar to its original position in the same manner.

Additionally, the Ribbon menu itself can be minimized via the Quick Access Toolbar menu options.

Add and Remove Toolbar Icons

To add a Toolbar icon, locate the function in the Ribbon Menu, and Right Click it to open the menu options and select "Add to Quick Access Toolbar."  Here we're adding the Numbered List function, which is commonly used, but does not have a keyboard Hotkey combination.

Conversely, to remove an icon from the Toolbar, Right Click on it again and choose the option to "Remove from Quick Access Toolbar."