InSync 5 How to Configure a Recorder


                                             How to Configure a Recorder in InSync 5

1.  Plug in your recorder

2.  Locate the Icon in the system tray that looks like this, you might need to select show more icons

3.  Right click and select Home

4.  In the upper right corner select the login tab

5.  Log in under the DR that is using the recorder

6.  Once you are logged in select the Device tab

7.  You need to select  the device that needs to be configured

8.  Select the Configure Device tab at the bottom

9.  Select the DR from the list and then select next

10. Select the Document Type, you can select as many as needed and then select next

11. You can select the default location or select a location from the Use This Location from the drop down box.

12. You can then select if you wish to have a window come up to show the log after the upload is complete and if you would like to print out the uploaded log when it is finished.

13. Select finish and it will then finish setting up your recorder.

14. Your screen should look like this after the recorder has been configured