How To Reverse Signature Order

Signatures on transcriptions typically will display in the order that they are added, beginning with the Dictator, followed by the Additional Authenticators added in the order they are added.

For some clients, they prefer that the Additional Authenticator display first, rather than the dictator.

Example workflow

Resident Physician Dr. Jones dictates for Attending Physician Dr. Smith. Dr. Jones is the dictator of the transcription, and Dr. Smith is added as the Additional Authenticator. Because Dr. Smith is higher in rank and is supervising Dr. Jones, the medical facility prefers to see Dr. Smith's signature first on the transcriptions.

Where to find this setting

This is a setting that can be triggered client-wide under Client Defaults.

Client Maintenance > Client Defaults > Non-Workflow Settings > Reverse Signature Order

Note: Image modified from actual appearance for instructional purposes.


  • Checking this setting will reverse the signature order for ALL transcriptions on this client.
  • If you need to reverse the signature order for only some work types, then you will need to submit a Print Templates ticket describing your specific needs.