How To Add Additional Signature Text

This text is added immediately after the Signature Line (the clinician's name and credentials) in the signature area of the transcription.

Where to Add

First go into Client Maintenance, and select the 'Users' option.

Select the user in the list, and then click on the 'Edit' option.

You will notice the menus listed below appear to the right for the selected user. Click on the "Dictating Clinician Options" folder to expand it.

Go to the section listed "Additional Signature Text" and place a check in the box all the way to the right to enable the box. The box itself can be used to fill in the text.

How to Format

Start the line with <br> to force this Text to start on the line below the Signature Line. (<br> is the HTML version of a carriage return.) You can use <br> to create multi-line text.

Note: You might also start without a <br> at the beginning of this field for cases where you need more space for clinician credentials after their name.

For example "<br>Attending Physician<br>Department of Medicine<br>University of Springfield Hospital" will print on three lines:

<Physician Name>
Attending Physician
Department of Medicine
University of Springfield Hospital

Once you are done, click on 'Save' at the bottom and you are done.

Text Wrapping

You may occasionally find that some signature text will wrap unexpectedly, even though the page has plenty of room to accommodate the text. By default, print templates will split the signature section in half horizontally, leaving space on the left half of the page for the Dictator's signature, and the right half for an Authenticating Signature.

If the print template in question does not use Authenticating Signatures, or you prefer to have them stacked vertically instead of side-by-side to allow for the use of the full page width, you will need to submit a Print Templates ticket telling us that you want the "single column setup for signatures" (a.k.a. "stacked signatures").

User-added image