InSync 5 How to Manually Upload Sound Files through InSync

This article explains how to manually upload an audio dictation file through InSync 5.

If you have audio dictations stored on the computer hard drive, or on a removable drive such as a flash USB drive or an external hard drive, you have the option to upload them through InSync manually. Additionally, if you have a recorder that you do not wish to automatically upload dictations through InSync, you can manually choose the files from the recorder drive that you wish to send to transcription.

If you do not have InSync 5 installed on your computer, you can download and install it through the link below:

On the InSync page, click on the Install Link for the highest version number available and go through the installation wizard as instructed.

Opening InSync's Devices Tab

Once InSync 5 is installed, it will be running in the background. You can access the application by going to the system tray. Click on the system tray expander button near the system clock on the bottom right side of your screen, and right-click on the InSync (microphone) icon. Choose the Devices option.

Logging Into InSync 5

For manual uploads, you must be logged into InSync 5 with your InQuiry credentials. Please click on the Login button and fill in the username, password, and client fields for your InQuiry credentials. Depending on your facility's overall settings, you may be able to save the username and password information for future login purposes.

Choosing the Audio File Location for Upload

Once you are logged into InSync, you will notice that the Login button changes to the logged in user's name.

1. On the bottom left hand side of the Devices tab, click on Upload From Folder. This will open a window for you to choose the location of your audio file.

2. Once you have located the audio file, click on it and select the Open option. Please note that you can also choose multiple files at once, by left-clicking the first file, then left-clicking on another file while holding hte Ctrl button on your keyboard. If you choose to send all files in a particular folder, you may also use Ctrl + A on your keybaord to select all files in the folder.

Choosing a User, Document Type, and Location for the Upload

For the manual upload, you must go through the user, document type, and location selection prompts for the upload process.

You must choose a user for the upload. If you do not wish to choose a document type or location for the audio file, please choose the Client Default option for document type and User Default Location for location.

Please note that the list of users, document types, and locations that show in the selection windows is according to the logged-in user's proxy, document security, and location access, respectively. If you do not see a user, document type, or location that you want to assign to the audio file, please contact your transcription company for a user profile setting change.

Confirming Successful Manual Upload

After the user, document type, and location selection, the upload will begin. You will see an "Uploading Dictations" prompt in the system tray followed by a "Completed Uploads" prompt, which confirms that your audio file was successfully sent to transcription.