InScribe 6 How To Change to an External Media Player

This article will describe how to change from the default media player to an external or 3rd party player in InScribe. Please consult your manager before making this change.

Changing the audio player is most useful when experiencing problems with the Windows Media Player within InScribe. Another common reason to switch to an external media player is additional compatibility with footpedal models.

1:  Log into the InScribe application.

2:  Select 'File' then 'Options.'

3:  In the Options menu, select 'Advanced.'

4:  In the Playback section select 'Other"'from the Audio Player drop down menu options.

5:  Select the Ellipse button at the far end of the Audio Player Path section.

6:  Navigate to the location of the .EXE file that launches the audio player.  This is most likely found in the "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)" folder.  Select the .EXE file desired and then press the 'Open' button.

7:  Press the 'OK' button in InScribe Options to save the changes.

8:  Audio files will download to and play via the selected player.