Troubleshooting Mobile App Dictation Upload Issues

Dications are stuck and will not send from eScription One Mobile - What do I do?

If you are experiencing difficulty uploading dictations from your eScription One Mobile app on your iOS or Android device, please follow the steps outlined below to troubleshoot your upload issues.

1. Does my device have a working Internet connection?

Please verify that the Internet connection on your device is working. You can try the following:

1. Opening your web browser and navigating to a website - Verify that the website loads with content.

2. Opening your email and refreshing it - Verify that it is loading your most recent messages and shows a refresh time of "Updated Just Now" at the bottom of the screen.

3. Send a test email message to yourself. 

3. Or simply go to on your device's web browser and do a search - Verify that your browser displays results for your search.


2. Has an upload been initiated for my dictations in the app?

Please verify that you have initiated an upload for your dictation.

If you have initiated an upload and the report is not showing a checkmark next to the report, it may mean the background connector is stalled.

To resolve this, double tap the home button on IOS or tap the recents button in the bottom left or small swipe up on android devices.  This will let you see all currently open applications.


Slide the eScription One Mobile application away from you, which will remove it from active applications list

This will forcibly close the application (and the background connnector)

Re-launch the application, login using your credentials and recheck to see if the dictation is now uploading.