Adjusting Location Access Rights for Users that Cannot See Documents

PURPOSE: A user will only be able to view a document if they have the proper rights to to the Provider, Location, and Document Type. 
This article will explain how to set up rights for Location.

NOTE: This information should be given to a transcription company customer, but it is recommended that Deliver Health help desk not make these changes for them.

The Location for the transcription document can be found in the "Transcription Information" screen.
For this example, the Location is listed as "Family Medicine".


To view a user's location access rights:

  1. Under the "Client Maintenance" tab, select "Maintenance" menu then select "Users" from the list.

  1. From the "Users" page, Select the name from the list then click on "Location Access for [username]"

  1. A list of available Locations will appear. It will specify if the user has "Location" or "Proxy" based access to each of those locations. It will also show if the user has inherited those access rights from a group and if group access is overridden. In this case, the user has access to "Surgery" and "Main Clinic" by the group assigned to this user. However, the red X under Surgery means that their access to Surgery has been overridden and denied to them. The checkbox would need to be clicked on until the check box turns green for that user to gain access to Surgery.  The user also has no access to both Family Medicine and Physical Therapy.
  1. For the user to see the above transcription document, access to "Family Medicine" will have to be granted manually since the Location is not included in the group assigned to this user. To manually assign the Location, select the check box located under the "User" column. Click "Save". Important: The InQuiry user will have to log out and then log back in to InQuiry for the changes to take effect.

As it is currently set up, this user can see documents that have Family Medicine or Main Clinic locations, but cannot see documents that have Surgery or Phys Therapy as their locations.

TIP: By clicking on the ? icon located upper right corner, the additional help text can be displayed as shown in the screen shot.