How to Assign a TID to an MT

This article will explain how to assign a TID or TIDs to a specific transcriptionist, editor, or QA typist. Transcriptions assigned in this way to be the next jobs downloaded by the transcriptionist.

Please note: In order for a transcription to be downloaded in InScribe the typing level of the TID must match the typing level of the transcriptionist. The transcriptionist typing level is found here:
InCommand > Maintenance > Transcriptionists > Edit Transcriptionist > InScribe Setup Options > Typist Status

If the TID and typist's status levels do not match, please follow this article before proceeding:  How to Change a TIDs Typing Status

  1. Go to InCommand > Management > Outstanding Jobs

  2. Find the TID(s) using information provided.
  3. Click the checkmark on the left side of the TIDs you need to change Typing Status Level or assign to an MT.

  4. Click the Modify button above the Search button:

  5. Use the pull down menu to select the typist that will be assigned to the TID.

  6. Click the "modify" button (pictured above).

Note - You can also use this menu to change other aspects of the transcription.
Note - Make sure to include "Client" in your search criteria in Step 2 if you are not seeing some drop down lists pictured in Step 5.