Explanation Of Grid Layout Features

Now Available: New Feature for InCommand Outstanding Jobs Screen

For enhanced performance, the outstanding jobs results grid is now dynamic and customizable.

Columns can be sorted, grouped and prioritized. Likewise, results can be collapsed for ease of reading.

Click the X on each column grouping to remove it from the grouping logic. Click the arrow to change the sort from descending (downward arrow) to ascending (upward arrow) order, and vice versa.

Filtering results is now available for the Outstanding Screen.
To create a filter, select the Create Filter link found at the bottom of the grid, located between Total Jobs and Total Dictations Time:

Free text fields or preselected columns will then be applied to the grid.

Additionally, the following icons control further search results organization and customization.

User-added image  Export to CSV Exports search results to a spreadsheet.

User-added image  Choose Columns Allows selection of additional columns to sort and group search results. This is particularly useful if you remove a column by accident.

User-added image  Reset Grid Layout Restores the Search Results grid back to its default state.

User-added image  Clear Filters Removes any existing free-text data filtering.

User-added image  Refresh Results Updates search results.