ShadowLink Service Stops Running Periodically

In some environments or situations, ShadowLink might periodically stop.  Additionally, ShadowLink might appear to be running correctly.  When the service is restarted either in the Services applet, or via the ShadowLink Management Console, the flow of information immediately resumes.

To reduce manual intervention in these situations, ShadowLink can be configured to automatically restart if an error is detected.

1:  Open Services.msc by typing 'Services.msc' in the Run command line, or by finding it in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

2:  Locate the 'Shadowlink Client' on the list.

3:  Right Click on the service and select 'Properties.'

4:  Select the 'Recovery' tab.

5:  For the First Failure, change the menu selection to "Restart the Service."

6:  Select 'Apply' and 'OK' to save the setting.