Finding ShadowPrint Failure Status Codes

This article will discuss how to determine why a job has failed in ShadowPrint.

This is going to be most useful when a job is marked as a failure in ShadowPrint even though it did actually print correctly. This could happen if the printer is sending an error code associated with being low on toner or out of paper which ShadowPrint is reading as a complete failure when in reality it is probably just a delay.

If this is happening, then it is possible to add code to the ShadowPrint configuration file to prevent these particular error codes from causing ShadowPrint to treat the jobs as failures.

Most errors can be found in the Event Viewer. This can be accessed by typing the following into a Run command: eventvwr

1. Select Application under the Windows Logs category on the left panel. In XP, Application might be a choice without having to go under Windows Logs.

2. Click on "Filter Current Log" on the Actions panel. In XP, Filter is an option under the View menu.

3. From the "Event Sources" pull down menu, select "ShadowPrintClient". Note: It will be alphabetically with the S's

4. Perform a "Find" either by pressing Ctrl+F or pressing the "Find" button on the Actions panel.

Note: The Print Job ID can be found in InQuiry > ShadowPrint Tab > Transcriptions Sub-tab. Use this number to search within the Event Viewer. (e.g. For Print Job ID #43868, you would perform a Find for "43868".)

The resulting error should look like the below picture:

The information in the General Tab towards the bottom has the information that should be relayed to the Helpdesk to possibly add an exception to the configuration file for this type of code. In the example image above, the applicable data is:
System.Application.Exception: Print job #43868: Error printing job ---> System.Exception: Invalid job [43868/210] status: 0x10 (16). Printer:\\DEV-MASTER\HP LaserJet P2035n.

Make sure you search for all entries that might correspond to that Job ID number and any other Job ID numbers that might have had a similar error.