Clinician Has Other Users Reports In The Referral Folder That He She Does Not Have Proxy To

This article will assist in possibly tracking why a clinician is seeing other users' reports in the "Referral Folder" that he/she does not have proxy to.

Rarely, a dictating clinician will become a non-dictator or vice versa. When this happens, the system retains their proxy unless changed prior to making them a non-dictating user.
For example, dictating clinician John Doe has proxy for New User and Test User. This clinician is then switched to a non-dictating user. Once the clinician is made a non-dictating user.  It will show the clinician does not have proxy for the New User and Test User in his user setup under his proxy as a non-dictating user. To verify the proxy, enable the user as a dictating clinician by placing a check in the box shown below and save.

Then check the proxy settings for that user. We can see here that when John Doe was a dictator, he had proxy to New User and Test User.

Even though these settings are not visible when the dictates status is changed, they are active. Uncheck any users that the clinician is not supposed to have access to and change his settings back to "Non-Dictating" in the "Dictating Clinician Options" menu to correct the proxy issue.