Setting Multiple Document Types for ASR

This article covers what setting multiple Document Types to the same Deliver Health Document Type does.

Mapping Multiple Document Types to Deliver Health Document Types
When mapping Document Types to Deliver Health Document Types, you may find cases were many Document Types map to the same Deliver Health Document type.  A common scenario is a letter.

For example, you might have a client with multiple letter document types. In your list of Document Types
you might have a letter, patient letter, letter of medical review, and referral letter. You know all of these are letters.
document types and from the ASR perspective, the content of the body does not change from one letter to the next.
However, the client requirements are such that a different letter type document is needed for their work flow. One
scenario could be a letter head or signature line that changes for each letter document type.

In the example below we mapped letter to Correspondence. For the other letter document types, you would edit
and map those to the Deliver Health Document Type of Correspondence. So the patient letter would be edited and mapped to the Deliver Health Document Type of Correspondence, the letter of medical review, would be mapped to the Deliver Health Document Type of Correspondence and so on.

The advantage of this setup, is that anytime a letter, patient letter, letter of medical review, or referral letter was
dictated, that dictation would count toward the 90 minutes of audio and 50 report threshold mentioned in this article:
User Is Stuck in ASR Training for an Extended Period of Time.
This is because they all share the ONE Deliver Health Document type of Correspondence.

In cases like this, assuming the Correspondence speech model was built, multiple Document Types would
appear to get drafts instead of one.

Another example of where this would work would be have a document type of a New Patient and a Follow-Up.
Since both document types have similar content styles, it makes sense to map the New Patient and Follow-Up to
the Deliver Health Document Type Office Note.

Note: This setup should only be used in cases where the content of the body is similar from one document type to the next. For example, you would not map an Document Type "OpReport" to a Deliver Health Document Type
Correspondence because the content of these two document types are very different.