Creating Style Sheets for ShadowScribe

Deliver Health has released a UI update that allows end-users to create style sheets for ShadowScribe transcriptions. Previous to this release, new clients would fill out a spreadsheet that contained the rules for how the unformatted typing within ShadowScribe would appear to the client in InQuiry. This included information such as section title case, content placement, formatting of numbered lists, etc. This spreadsheet was then built into a style sheet by Deliver Health.

To access these features please go to: InCommand > Client Maintenance > Advanced Maintenance > ShadowScribe > Rules

CLIENT DEFAULTS - By clicking on Client Defaults, the basic defaults display. You can change and save these setting as a base for what you want all draft rules to look like. The formatting titles are self-explanatory but always remember you can use the RED question mark User-added image in the upper right-hand corner for addition information. When using the User-added image the green text will change depending on the settings you choose.

SECTION LISTING - Select a document type and user then click Add/Edit to show the section listing.

Note: If any of your sections or subsections are not optional, they will display in red. Optional sections will display in blue.

DRAFT RULES - After selecting the Document Type, User ( if specific user is necessary) and click Add/Edit, you will see the Draft Rules tab. NOTE: 90% of the draft rules are now controlled by the style guide. We currently have 7 style guides from which to choose. Contact the Deliver Health ShadowScribe manager for more info.

TEMPLATE OPTIONS - This is used for Specific MT comments/instructions that will appear in InScribe, but not appear on the document itself.

FORMAT RULES - With this new update, when you edit a ShadowScribe document template, you will see a new set of tabs called Format Rules and Preview. The Format Rules tab replaces the ShadowScribe Formatting Specs document and contains all the style rules used to build or modify style sheets on the fly.

Note - Format Rules in the Section or Subsection will override Format Rules created at the Document Type level.

PREVIEW - Any rules set can be instantly viewed using the Preview tab using the system provided sample text.

Note - Saving the rules will instantly create a style sheet and update in real-time. This will update files being worked on in InScribe the next time Preview with Template is selected.

There are 3 additional formatting options here. The buttons shown below from left to right.:

  1. Add a paragraph to this section
  2. Add a list to this section
  3. Add a table to this section

Additional adjustments can now be made such as hiding the table borders under the Table Borders and the format for lists and nested lists under the List Type and Nested List Types. The RED X can be used to delete any of these items as well as any sections at any time.

SECTION OPTIONS - Use the Edit button shown below to add or modify section options such as canned text.

When editing the template, the document type, user, and section that is being edited will now display at the top of the section.

Uncheck the box for "Optional" to add canned text if the section had none before.

When you edit a section to add or modify canned text, you will notice a new editor which provides formatting capabilities for your text. In addition to bold, italics, and underline you can add bullets to create a numbered list (shown above).

Note - Bullets are transformed to the numbered list based on the style sheet format rules settings.

The editor also has some basic table functionality allowing the ability to add tables to document templates.

Note - The ShadowScribe system will not automatically populate the tables. It is up to the MT to move the recognized content into the table. It is recommended to carefully weigh the cost of MT time vs Client formatting when implementing tables.

Note - This will not show up in the Preview screen. This will only appear in InScribe. Only formatting done under the Draft Rules and Format Rules will show in the Preview.

ShadowScribe Dictation Templates now utilize the editor shown above as well.

Once you are done making adjustments, you will need to press SAVE.