Checking for Recent Patient Feeds From a Client

This article explains how to check for recent patient demographics uploads from a client.

If a client's patient feed is not sending demographics information via ShadowLink, multiple aspects of the dictation and transcription process can be affected:

  1. If a dictator uses Deliver Health Mobile or Deliver Health InSync for dictation, the stoppage of a patient feed can result in appointments not showing for the dictator to choose from.
  2. No patient feeds from the client means that transcriptionists cannot search for or load information from appointments into Deliver Health InScribe.
  3. Without a patient feed, important information needed for interfacing with the client's EHR or EMR may result in incomplete transcriptions or rejected exports.

How to check for recent patient feeds via ShadowLink from a client

1. From InCommand, navigate to the Management tab, then the Advanced Management subtab.

2. In the Advanced Management subtab menu, click on ShadowLink, then Patient & Associate Deliveries.

3. By default, you will see a page that loads with the following default search parameters:

  • Patient feeds for today's date
  • Patient feeds for all clients under the MTSO you are viewing InCommand for
  • Patient feeds for all applicable ShadowLink services, formats, delivery methods

If the page loads with no results, this means we have not received any patient feeds from the client today. From here, you can expand the date range to a prior date until today as well as choose a specific client to search for, as shown below. Please note: each time you change any of the search parameters, you must click on Search on the right side of the screen. To clear any filters and return the default results as listed above, click on Clear.

What if there are no patient feeds for the date range I selected, but the client states that they have sent the information?

Start troubleshooting the connection status of the client's ShadowLink service with the steps outlined here:

Checking Status of ShadowLink Services