Letterhead Formats Internal vs External

We have 2 types of letterheads in our system, Internal and external. Below I will explain the deference between the 2.


This table summarizes the general differences between Internal and External Headers and Footers. Some exceptions exist, but only rarely.

  Internal Header/Footer External Header/Footer
Export Always Sometimes - Can withhold
Page Numbers NO YES
Can put on all pages NO YES
Can hide labels if unused YES NO
Side Letterheads NO YES
Shows Up In Transcription Viewer Print Preview only
Adjust Margins in Client Maintenance YES Body only, must submit ticket for External Letterhead margins


Internal letterheads will be visible to a client in Inquiry without having to use the print preview button. This also means that the letterhead will ALWAYS be exported with the report. That's if the client is using the export feature.

When creating your print template samples just add the letterhead in the main section of word like normal and we will know this is an internal letterhead.


We will use the external letterhead feature if your client is using a side letterhead. Having text along the left or right side of the body has to be done this way. If your client wants to export the transcription without the letterhead we will need to make the letterhead using the external feature. Also when viewing a transcription that is using the external letterhead you will not be able to see it unless you hit the print preview button or print the transcription.

Note: Some exceptions exist. It is possible to export an external letterhead sometimes, but it is NOT possible to withhold exporting an internal letterhead.

Creating external letterhead sample in word

In word right click at the top about an inch from the top of the paper and click on edit header. Add your letterhead here. We will then know you want to use the external header feature because it is above the dotted line.