How to Update Document Descriptions

This article will discuss the how to update the document description. Updating the document description when needed helps in instances where the document description is used as a title for a print template report. For example, you have a documnet type called OpReport with a document description of Op Report but the print template is using the document description as the title and you now want it to display Operative Report instead.

  1. First, you need to go to Client Maintenance -> Document Types.

  2. In the Document Type tab, you need to select the Document Type that needs the Document Description updated.
  3. Once selected, click on "Edit ...".

  4. Expand the "Document Type Information" tab. The 3rd row down is the Document Description. This is where you will make the required update that you need.

  5. Once you have the new Document Description, click save. If the document description is getting used in the Print Template, it will be updated automatically and retroactively.