How do I create an Attestation Template

In this article we step through the process of creating an Attestation Template for a specific InQuiry user. This article assumes you know how to create a dictation template.

To create an Attestation Template first create a dictation template and check the "Attestation Template" box. This will tell the system to make this dictation template an attestation template:

Next, you need to to assign that template to a user. To do this you must go to the Users screen, select the user you want to edit, and then expand the "Dictating Clinician Options" section. 

From here you select the default Attestation Template you wish to use from the drop down, enable this feature for the user you are editing if it is not enabled already, and click the Save button at the bottom of the users screen (not shown in the illustration above).

Once the user is saved they are now ready to use the Attestation Template in InQuiry. To use the template they must be added to the transcription as an additional signer and they must complete the document from the Preliminary folder.