I Don't Know The Dictator's Specialty, What Should I Pick

 I don't know the dictator's specialty, what should I pick?

 When mapping Deliver Health Specialties for new clients, sometimes you might not know the specialty. This article explains what to do in that scenario and how the specialty is used in model building.

Mapping the user to the specialty but don't know what to pick.

When setting the Deliver Health Specialty for a user and run across some that you don't know the specialty for. What do you do?

In this case it is recommended to select the specialty titled Internal Medicine.  Read the next section titled How Specialty influences model building and drafts for an explanation.

How Specialty influences model building and drafts

The system uses the specialty to identify the vocabulary for the speech model building process. Initially, this vocabulary is relied upon to complete the model build for draft production.  Once the system is producing drafts, specialty becomes less important because the system relies more heavily on MT/MLS corrections for learning and draft quality improvement.

The Internal medicine specialty has a set of general medical vocabularies. It may not be as good as selecting the actual specialty of the speaker but does provide a common set of terminology to get the model built. Again, as more drafts are analyzed by ASR, draft quality improvements will be heavily weighted on MT/MLS corrections.