Checking Status of Shadowlink Exports

This article explains how to check on recent transcription exports to a client.

If a client's transcription export is not sending transcription information via ShadowLink, documentation will be missing from either the EMR/EHR or from the export folder on the Clients computer or network.

How to check for recent transcription export activity via ShadowLink to a client.

1.  From InCommand, navigate to the Management tab, then the Advanced Management subtab.

2.  In the Advanced Management subtab menu, click on ShadowLink, then Transcription Deliveries.

3.  By default, the page will start with empty search parameters.  Narrow down your search results to usable data by entering one or more search parameters.  Entering a date range is almost always useful to return meaningful results.

4:  Press "search" to initiate your query.  If the page loads with no results, this means no transcription exports were located with the specified parameters.  From there adjust search parameters to include needed results.  Please note:  each time search parameters are altered, press the "search" button again to re-initiate the query.  To clear any filters and return to empty parameters, click "clear."

What if there are no transcription exports for the date range I selected, but the client states that they should have received one or more?

Start troubleshooting the connection status of the client's ShadowLink service with the steps outlined here:

Checking Status of ShadowLink Services