InQuiry - How to Sign your Transciptions 
*Instructions available in PDF see attachment below.

  1. To review your transcriptions open your internet browser and logon to InQuiry.  URL: 
  2. Enter your login credentials including the client code and click Log In.
  1. Click on “To be Completed” or “Needs Approval” under Workflow Summary from the first Home tab Screen. NOTE: This folder can have a different name.

  2. Click “Edit” icon on the transcription you wish to sign.  Note: If needed you can add more columns from the Choose Columns option located on the right side by selecting the column and perform a drag and drop to the selected area.

  1. Make any needed changes to the transcription document.  Next, click on “Complete” or “Complete/next” from the top menu bar. This will electronically sign your transcription document.

  1. NOTE: You have an option to add your email address to get notified when transcriptions are available to sign from the “Folder Notification Options” under User Menu section in the Home Screen.
  2. When finished you can logout from InQuiry located upper right hand corner.