ShadowLink uploads dictations too quickly

Occasionally ShadowLink may be too aggressive in polling for dictation files when they are not locked by the applications writing them to the folder.  Some instances in which this has occured has been with FTP applications writing it to the folder, and some recorder software writing to the folder.

ShadowLink can be updated to pick up dictation files after a defined period of time after it has last been written to.  For instance, ShadowLink can be set up so that it picks up dictation files 60 seconds after the datetime it was last modified.  To configure ShadowLink to do this, follow these steps:

1) Stop the ShadowLink service.  It must be stopped in order for these settings to take effect.  Pay consideration to the impact of stopping this during production hours if interfaces are running on this instance as well.
2) Open notepad as an administrator
3) Open C:\Program Files (x86)ShadowLink\appSettings.config   (your installed path may be different)
4) Hit enter at the end of this line: <add key="TimeStampFormat" value="yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fff" />
5) Add this:   <add key="MinimumDictationFileAgeInSeconds" value="60" />
6) Hit save, close notepad
7) Start the service
The value utilized for the MinimumDictationFileAgeInSeconds key added is in seconds, so 60 would represent 60 seconds after the last modified date on the files.