ASR Structured vs. Unstructured

The following table shows the difference between using Unstructured and Structured documents in voice recognition.

 ASR Unstructured vs. Structured

  Unstructured Structured
ShadowScribe Template Required Recommended Yes
Formatting Template Required Yes Yes
Formatting Template Applied Immediately Upon delivery
Need to create both ShadowScribe and Normal Templates Yes No
Works with Dictation Templates Yes Yes
Must Map Doc Type to Deliver Health WT and User to Deliver Health Specialty Yes Yes
ASR Style Guide Required Yes Yes
Uses Coded Titles for EMR Section Level Interface No Yes
Section Title Popup List with Autocomplete Title No Yes
Bulleted Lists transformed into numbers No Yes
Can interface with EMR at section level No Yes
Can use required template sections Yes Yes
Easily manipulate and move groups of section titles Yes No
Ensures Standard Structure Formatting

Ensures Section titles are formatted correctly for ASR learning

Ensures a consistent look to the document

No Yes
Can Easily switch from Structured vs. Unstructured Yes Yes
Works with Qualified Text (QT)
  • QT section titles from template
  • QT section titles from dictation (normal) template
  • QT from canned text
Yes Yes
Works with Limited Draft Rules
  • AHDI Spacing Rules
  • Section/Subsection Capitalization
  • Insert Document Sections
  • Merge Logic
    • Structured
      • Orders sections according to template
      • As Dictated
        • Orders sections according to dictation
Yes Yes