InSync Supported Audio File Types

This article lists the audio file types supported by InSync and a brief description of each.

DSS - Audio file saved by a digital voice recorder or speech recognition program; stores voice audio data in a highly-compressed format; commonly used for professional transcript environments.

DS2 - A newer version of the DSS audio format.

MP3 - MP3 is popular compressed audio file format popular with digital music downloads. MP3 files are typically about one tenth the size of uncompressed WAVE or AIFF files, but maintain nearly the same CD-quality sound. 

SRI - Audio file extension is used by Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

WAV - Standard digital audio file format used for storing waveform data; allows audio recordings to be saved with different sampling rates and bitrates.

WMA - Audio file compressed with Windows Media compression; proprietary format developed by Microsoft, similar to the .MP3 format; can be converted to other more standardized formats; often used for playing music from the Web.

MSV - Audio file format typically used by Sony Digital Recorders.