Adjusting InScribe Pane And Window Sizes

If it is neccessary or desirable to alter the appearance and sizes of InScribe and it's sections, the application offers a wide range of possibilities to do so.

Click and Drag Borders

Just like you can click and drag the outside border of an Application or Window, so too can the inside borders of InScribe be adjusted.  If you mouse over the border you want to alter, and the mouse pointer changes to a double arrow, the border can be adjusted.

User-added image

To adjust the border, position the mouse cursor over the border until the cursor turns into the Double Arrow.  Click and Hold the Left Mouse button, then drag the border to the desired position.

NOTE:  To return to original border positions, access the "View" tab of the Ribbon Menu and click the button "Reset Sizes" to revert all borders to their default positions.

Border Adjustment areas are marked in RED:

Maximize Editor

Use the "Maximize Editor" function to quickly toggle showing demographics, CCs, Addl Auth, Comment Tags, Comment, and Transcription Queue panes.  When the Editor is Maximized, only the Typing Window and the Ribbon Menu will be present on the screen.  The Maximize Editor function is located on the "View" tab of the Ribbon Menu, and can also be accessed with the Hot Key combination "Ctrl+0" (zero).

Hide Tool Bars

The various Tool Bars of InScribe can also be hidden at the user's discretion.  Also, located under the "View" tab of the Ribbon menu Deselect any of the options to hide them.  By default, all tool bars are turned ON.

Minimize the Ribbon Menu

Right Click anywhere there is not a button, and select the option to "Minimize the Ribbon" to enable a smaller version of the Ribbon Menu.