InTouch Dictations on Hold

To place a dictation on hold

  1. Begin a new dictation for the desired Patient ID/Document Type/Location combination (depending on what is required by your dictation emulation)
  2. Press the Put on Hold key (refer to the InTouch Telephone Dictation Instructions)

To resume an InTouch dictation that has been placed on hold:

  1. When prompted for the Patient ID, Document Type, and/or Location to begin a new dictation, enter the same patient, document type, and/or location combination as the dictation that was placed on hold.
  2. Listen for prompt that a pending dictation was found and loaded.
  3. Take the desired action by pressing the key to play, record, or complete the dictation.


Please note that you will not be informed of pending dictations when you call into the InTouch system. Pending dictations will only be loaded when you enter a Patient ID/Document Type/Location combination that already has a dictation on hold.

By default, dictations can only stay on hold for 24 hours.