How to Return a Delivered Dictation to a Transcriptionist

This article will show how to return a delivered dictation to transcription.

1. Log into InCommand, and go to Management > Delivered Transcriptions. Search for the file that should be returned to transcription; by using the Transcription ID, or selecting a client, and using the patient name, medical record number, or other search terms.

2. Check the box to the left of the dictations to select them.

3. Click on the Status button to bring up the Status window, and then select "Return to QA" from the pulldown menu. Click on Selected button to return the dictation to QA.

4. If QA staff are to work on the returned dictation, then nothing more needs to be done.

5. If the dictation needs to be returned to transcription, so the original transcriptionist can work on it, go to Management > Outstanding Jobs, and run the same search that was used to find the dictation in Management > Delivered Transcriptions.

6. Select the dictation(s) by checking the boxes to the left of them.

7. Click on the 'Status' button to bring up the status window. Use the dropdown to select Transcription, or a level of QA, and then click on the 'Update Selected' button.

8. To manually assign dictations to a specific transcriptionist, select the documents and click on the 'Modify' button. In the Modify window that appears, select a transcriptionist from the pulldown, and then click on the 'Save Selected' button.