Dictionaries In InScribe

The following is a list of dictionaries available to InScribe. Highlighted dictionaries are installed by default on current versions of InScribe:

Compiled DictionariesDescriptionDefault?
addlam.clxAdditional American wordsNo
addlnz.clxAdditional New Zealand wordsNo
emdat.clxDeliver Health compiled dictionary with additional medical wordsYes
emdatBR.clxDeliver Health compiled British dictionaryNo
emdat2_AJ.clxDeliver Health compiled dictionary (A-J)Yes
emdat2_KS.clxDeliver Health compiled dictionary (K-S)Yes
emdat2_TZ.clxDeliver Health compiled dictionary (T-Z)Yes
ssceam2.clxAmerican English compiledYes
sscebr2.clxBritish English compiledNo
ssceca2.clxCanadian English non-compiledNo
sscema1.clxAmerican English medical compiled - format 1 (same words as sscema2)No
sscema2.clxAmerican English medical compiled - format 2 (same words as sscema1)No
sscemb1.clxBritish English medical compiled - volume 1No
sscemb2.clxBritish English medical compiled - volume 2No
EmdatBR_AJ.clxDeliver Health British compiled dictionary (A-J)No
EmdatBR_KS.clxDeliver Health  British compiled dictionary (K-S)No
EmdatBR_TZ.clxDeliver Health British compiled dictionary (T-Z)No
User DictionariesDescriptionDefault?
userdic.tlxCustomizable user dictionaryYes
accent.tlxDictionary for accented wordsYes
correct.tlxDictionary that works similar to AutoTextYes
ssceam.tlxAmerican English non-compiledYes
sscema.tlxAmerican English medical non-compiledYes




























Compiled dictionaries are large dictionaries which run more efficiently than a user dictionary. User dictionaries are lists of words that were added after a compiled dictionary is complete - usually by the user.