What Does Additional Refer To In The Activity Log

This article will discuss why an "Additional" Action is placed in the Activity Log that can be found in either InQuiry or InCommand.

When reviewing the Activity Log for a Transcription ID (TID) you may see the Action, "Additional".

This can occur when a manager has checked a TID out to another Medical Transcriptionist (MT) while it is still checked out to the original MT.  Though InScribe does check every few minutes for higher priority jobs and reconciles TIDs that are still checked out to an MT, it is not a "real time" representation of what is in a queue and so reports can be delivered to the client or to QA by an MT that it is no longer assigned to that TID.  Since the original MT no longer has "rights" to the TID, they will no longer get credit for typing these lines.  To keep track of this, Deliver Health has created the Action: "Additional" to indicate that the original MT did send in the report but no typing credit was awarded.