What Is An Attestation Template

In this article we explain what an Attestation Template is and how it's used within the Nuance System.

An Attestation template is a special kind of an append that is used when an additional person signs the transcription, usually someone with a higher authority. This append usually acts as a legal disclaimer for the additional signer, stating the signer has reviewed the transcription and agrees with what the original signer dictated. This scenario is common in teaching hospitals where a Resident needs an Attending physician to sign off on their transcription before it becomes a legal document.

An Attestation template is most commonly used in Resident/Attending scenario. For example, a Resident reviews their transcription in the preliminary folder and completes it. Because it requires an additional signature, it's then routed to the Attending Physician's preliminary folder. The Attending Physician reviews the Resident's transcription and completes it. When the Attending clicks the Complete or Complete/Next button (in either View or Edit mode) the Attestation Editor dialog will appear as shown below. Both Dictator and Authenticator must have "Require Attestation" enabled on their profiles.


Figure 1.

With this dialog open, the Attending Physician has the choice to complete the transcription with any of the canned text (by selecting either BIOPSY, memo, or TFA and clicking the replace button) or by adding their own text directly into the editor. The Attending Physician can click the Save button to complete the transcription and append the text or if they decide not to add the Attestation they can choose complete w/o template.

The list of canned text that appears to the right in Figure 1.: BIOPSY, memo, and TFA are dictation templates which are created in Client Maintenance.