How To Reset An InQuiry User's Password From InCommand

This article will discuss how to reset an InQuiry user password from InCommand should they have forgotten or has expired.

1.  Click on the Client Maintenance Tab > Client Defaults > User Password and Security Options.  This is where you can view the specific security requirements that have been configured for the account.

Any changes to the above settings (with the exception of Mobile Apps Users Can Save Authentication Credentials, InSync Users Can Save Authentication Credentials and Inquiry Time-Out) need to be done by our support team. You can put in a ticket at

2. Next proceed to Maintenance / Users


3.  Select user and Edit user.


 4.  Expand the User Information on the right by clicking on the "+" and find the password area.

A.  Verify that the Username matches the one the Clinician is using.

B.  Perform a Password reset utilizing one of the following 3 processes outlined below.

Methods for Password Reset via InCommand >

I. The preferred method is to utilize the "send password reset instructions" option.  Please note If you do NOT have an email address noted in the profile you will NOT have this option. You must enter an email address and save the profile in order for this option to appear. 

II . If using the generate temporary password option, a random string of characters will be populated in the password field, which will enable you to copy/paste and send to the User. Note that when using this option the "Must Change Password At Next Login" box will be checked meaning that the user must enter a valid password at that time. 

III .  If manually enter a Password in the Password field, you must insure that it meets the complexity requirements as noted under Client Defaults > User Password Options. When using this method, please note if you do not check the box for "Must Change Password At next Login, the password you enter manually will be what the Clinician/User will utilize going forward. If the box is checked, when the User logs on, they will be prompted to change their password at that time and must follow the Password Complexity requirements as specified under Maintenance/Client Defaults. 

In each method you must click save in order to complete the password reset process for generating a password reset.

Self Service Option: 

Users may choose to utilize the self-service forgot password? option on the InQuiry Login page. Please note they must enter a VALID Username AND Client code correctly in order to utilize this process.

When clicking the forgot password? option the user will have a dialog box allowing them to specify a previously provided code or to have the system send them an InQuiry Password Reset email. 

If the user clicks the have reset code? option, they will receive a dialog box allowing them to enter the code you have provided or contained in the email they received for this process.

Please note that the Username and Client fields are NOT case sensitive but that the Reset Code and Password fields ARE.

If the user has selected the Email option, they will receive the following dialog box:

Self Service password reset emails are sent with the subject line "Password Reset Email" from, typically within a few minutes. 

IMPORTANT : Please note a user will always receive this dialog box BUT no email will be sent unless they have correctly entered the Username AND Client code AND the user profile contain a valid email address.

The user can either click on the "Reset Password" link (preferred method) in the email or can copy the Reset code from the email, go to select forgot password? and have reset code? 

When selecting the have reset code? option, an additional Reset Password dialog box will appear.

NOTE: You must insure to fill in all fields correctly AND use a unknown New and Confirm Password. (The system remembers the last 10 passwords used by the provider)

When clicking Reset, if successful, the user will receive the following message:

If the user receives the following message, several conditions must be checked and corrected.

1. Insure the user is typing their Username and Client correctly. (CASE does not matter for either of these fields.)

2. The reset code has expired or been superseded by a newer one. (reset codes expire in 2 hours from point of generation)  

Note: Clicking Forgot Password multiple times generates multiple codes, invalidating the previously generated one each time.

3. The user is trying to use a previously known password  (The system remembers the last 10)

4. Insure the user is conforming to the complexity requirements as seen under Client Maintenance / Client Defaults / User Password Options

5. Insure the Insure the user account has not become locked.

Additionally you can click on "Locked Users" to search for any and all Locked InQuiry accounts.

If you receive a message that "This user is locked and cannot login," click the message to unlock the account.

When unlocking an account, the following will appear for confirmation purposes:

Click Yes.

Additional Troubleshooting:

A. If the user is not receiving the password reset email and all items have been checked. they should check their SPAM and Junk folders for emails from or for a subject of  Password Reset Email

B. In some cases emails may be delayed or even blocked based on the user's email provider. In these cases, the email address in the user's profile, can be changed to another in order to mitigate this from occurring.  It is also possible to enter multiple email address' separated by a semi-colon " ;" in the users profile so that they can check either.