How To Link A User's Search All Folder To An Additional Client

Users can be linked between multiple clients so that they can search for transcriptions between clients using one log-in. This cross-client linking only affects the "Search All" folder.

A common reason for this kind of linking is a physician has a client under both her private practice and a group practice. She would like to be able to reference patient files under both clients without having to log-in under each.

Please note:

  • The cross-client linking only works under search all.
  • Users can view and print transcriptions from linked clients, but users cannot edit or complete files from other clients using this method.

To set this up, please do the following:

1. Go to InCommand > Client Maintenance > Maintenance Pull Down Menu > Referrals

2.Click on the "+ Grant Cross Client Referral Access" link below the list, enter the Client Code into the box and press Save. Do this for all external clients you want to be searchable to users in this client.

3.Go to InCommand > Client Maintenance > User Maintenance


4.Select the User you would like to link to additional clients and click the "Link To User Of Referring Client" link.


5.Click the "+ Add New Link" link, and then select the Client from the pull down menu, then the User the doctor's search all will mimic from the next pull down menu and press Save. In the image below, Leroy Jenkins from Client DemoRaj is being linked to his private practice under his same name in Client RyDemo. This will allow him to search for RyDemo files under DemoRaj.


6.The Search All Tab for this user will now have the additional checkbox shown below called "Include Transcriptions From Linked Users":


7.Below is an example of a search with this checkbox selected. Please note: There is a new column called "Client (User)" so that a transcription's client origin can be easily identified. This only shows when the checkbox pictured above is selected.