How to Edit an Associate Record

To edit an associate from InCommand, to fix a bad FAX number for example, go to client maintenance for that client. Open the Maintenance menu and then click on 'Associates'

This will open the Associates screen. An associate can be searched for by the letters at the beginning of their last name, or the company name. If an entry has parenthesis around it, then there is no first or last name for that associate, it is for a company or facility in general, rather than for a specific person.

The % symbol can also be entered to bring up a list of all of the associate records with that client.

Double click on one of the associate names from the list to open the associate record. There will be three tabs that can be expanded, but the only one of interest here is Associate Information. The most commonly needed change is to fix fax numbers or add missing fax numbers.

After the changes are made, click on the "ok" button to save the changes.