How To Upload A Client Logo For InQuiry

This article will guide you through the process of adding a logo for a client within InQuiry.

The logo image must meet these requirements:

Client Logo should be 200 pixels wide x 40 pixels high and the image should be 72 dpi (.GIF file). If you upload a smaller logo, that will be used. If you upload a larger image (including a higher dpi), the system will scale it down to 200 x 40 pixels, which may affect the quality

Logo must be not exceed 500kb

1.  Enter InCommand and select the "Maintenance" tab, and then the "Clients" selection below it.

2.  Highlight the client you want to upload a logo for, and select "Upload Client Image for (Client Name)."

3.  Make sure the InQuiry Logo option is selected then click on the "Browse" button, and navigate to the .gif file on your pc that is the logo image.  Then select "Upload". Once the image has been uploaded, please allow up to 10 minutes for it to process. You will be able to view and verify the new logo by logging into InQuiry outside of InCommand as a client would. Logging into InQuiry using the InCommand program will not allow the logo to be displayed.

NOTE: The logo will not appear if InQuiry is run from the InQuiry tab, or if an InQuiry session is started from within InCommand. To see the logo as a user will, the InQuiry session must be started by going to